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The premiere of series 8 is going to bring a lot of new Whovians and we can barely contain our excitement. Their introduction to the show is going to be the Twelfth Doctor with Clara as his companion, which is pretty crazy to think about considering where some of us started watching. We all got into Doctor Who in different ways, and all ways are good, so it might be nice for us to remember the one that started it all!

For today’s #NewToWho post we’d like to reach back into the depths of our memories and talk about where it all began. 

What year was it? What day of the week, what time of day? Okay, maybe not that specific, but tell us what series (or season!) was airing when you started watching! What grade were you in, what state of mind? Was there a complex and possibly hilarious series of events that led to your induction into Whovian-ism? We want to know!


And since this week is all about helping new Whovians, let’s also think about some of the things we learned when we first started watching that we’d want to tell a new fan. Post your throwback tales and advice in the #NewToWho tag and we’ll reminisce alongside you all day by reblogging some of your stories. 

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